Projection Mapping – Sonburst R&D

Projection Mapping sonburst communication

For a long time we had toyed with the idea of large-scale edge-blended projection, or “projection mapping”. We wanted a digital canvas that we could really play with. Giant videos that covered an entire wall and presentations that interacted at the stage level rather than off stage on a separate screen. Well, this year we did it. Let me tell you a bit about the project.

First, you can’t just line up 3 projectors side by side and have one continuous image. You need a display source that will combine the 3 projector outputs as one display/canvas. Then, you need to use a process called edge-blending to overlay the edges of each projector so you don’t see lines where the light cuts off. Since this was our first time working with this method, we ran several tests to ensure we had done our due diligence to ensure the process was correct.

Projection Mapping at lavista embassy suites

As you can see above, our second hurtle was the screen itself. For testing, we assembled some stage fabrics our team had on-hand but, come show time, that obviously wouldn’t work. So, we needed to special order in a custom projection screen from Europe. When it finally arrived and the show was up and running, everyone was very pleased with the result. More pictures can be found on our Facebook albums here or on our website portfolio here.

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