Designing a Trade show Booth for Maximum Exposure

We have been to plenty of trade shows throughout the years and one thing is certain: tradeshow booths and displays continue to get bigger and, hopefully, better. What once was the home of a simple pop-up display, is now taken up by large booths with special lighting, large banners, and digital signage. In a high-stakes marketplace like this, companies do not want to be left behind. So, one client looked to our team to take their trade show booth to the next level (literally).

a conagra trade show booth at national black mba career fair

Their original booth was a square truss box with flanking graphics and a floor pop-up display. While this design had worked for several years, it was quickly getting lost in the “arms race” for vertical visibility.


Rather than completely redesign the feel of the booth, we kept the truss by flying it off the floor. We added two huge LED display screens above it. Below we developed a triangular media center with digital signage. Then, we combined the screens to loop in sync for one cohesive presentation.


As you can see, visibility was no longer a problem. In the booth’s debut, it definitely stole the show and has continued to do so for years. Now, our team is going back to the drawing board once again to see how we can continue to impact the trade show floor and win more foot traffic for our client.

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