How To Get Free DSAN PerfectCue Remote Batteries

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Get Free DSAN PerfectCue Remote Batteries

If you have never used a DSAN PerfectCue cue light system, you need to. The system is a light and sound signaling system that enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist for “next,” “back,” and “blank” using a wireless hand-held actuator. This enables the crew in the tech booth to follow along with a speaker’s presentation and never miss a beat. We never do a show without taking ours, and it just makes things so much easier than blindly guessing.

If you have used one, however, you know exactly how helpful the cue light can be. And if you use it as much as we do, you will undoubtedly use it to the point when the batteries run out. But instead of running out and buying replacement batteries from Lowe’s or WalMart, save a couple bucks and take advantage of the free batteries that DSAN ships to customers.

What type of batteries does a DSAN PerfectCue remote take?

A DSAN PerfectCue remote purchased after 2010 uses two CR2032 coin batteries to power the unit. If you have the model with a laser pointer, the laser is powered by a CR123 barrel battery with the unit being powered by the standard CR2032 coin batteries as well. If you have an old unit purchased before 2010, you will need to indicate this, and DSAN will send you two CR1632 replacement batteries for free.

How to I claim my free DSAN batteries?

Claiming your free batteries is easy, and takes only a few Simply visit DSAN’s website and fill out the battery request form. Just enter your information and the amount of batteries you need and then sit back and wait. They send them right to your door, for free! Below is a screenshot of what the process looks like. Just follow the link we included and you will be on your way to free batteries.