Sonburst Communication Pushes Further Into Aerial Video For 2016

In 2015, Sonburst Communication was proud to announce the addition of aerial video to our existing video production capabilities. After the announcement, we were privileged to provide our aerial video services to many companies in the Omaha area and surrounding areas.

Recent projects include:

  • Real estate showcases and building progress
  • Aerial B-Roll footage for a large production company based in the Midwest
  • Pictures used as featured images on real estate listings
  • Demo reel content to be used for future projects
  • Footage for construction projects and investor udpates

By working on these projects, we became quite experienced in the finer aspects of shooting this type of video. Below is a demo reel of some of the things we captured with our first drone. Many of these shots showcased our aerial video production capabilities in Omaha, but also provided a glimpse into some of the shots that we captured from surrounding areas like Iowa Missouri, and other parts of the Midwest.

How can aerial video set your business apart?

Capturing aerial video by using a small drone is unique in the fact that getting these shots used to require large, bulky equipment, like a helicopter or large crane boom, that cost thousands of dollars an hour to capture. However, it is much less expensive when using a drone.

In a world where customers are becoming more and more desensitized to ads as time goes on, incorporating aerial video into your message can help your message stand out and truly capture the attention of customers.

A few practical applications for your business include:

  • Real estate: Want to really catch a buyer’s eye? Capture video or photographs from the air and showcase your property like never before. Getting these photos is also a great way to showcase acreages, properties with large amounts of land, and roofs that normally you wouldn’t otherwise be able to show a potential buyer
  • Construction projects: Showcasing construction of a project is a great way to showcase your progress and give a unique perspective on updates that may otherwise seem mundane
  • Schools: Want to feature cutting edge facilities and draw the interest of potential students, but just don’t know how to make it interesting? Get that edge you are looking for by incorporating aerial video into your next recruiting reel and truly capture the attention of future students
  • Many more… the applications are endless!

At Sonburst Communication, we understand this need and are taking steps to meet customer demand for such services.

New addition to the fleet

After getting quite a bit of practice with our smaller rig, we are proud to announce that we have acquired access to an even larger rig with even more capabilities. These expanded capabilities will not only allow us more control and maneuverability, but also allows us to capture shots that are even more breathtaking than before. This is no toy, but rather a professional filmmaking machine.

So how does this benefit our clients? The addition of a larger, more advanced drone unlocks many capabilities that we couldn’t offer before. We’ve outlined these capabilities in added detail below:

[su_spoiler title=”Professional-grade video” icon=”caret”]

The addition of this unit expands our video capabilities tremendously. While our other drone and its GoPro Hero 4 is great for smaller shoots, the camera that this drone hauls is a professional-grade camera designed to shoot clear, crisp, professional video that will blow your audience away. This camera not only allows for full HD video shooting, but also has the ability to shoot 4K video from the air, something that not many other, if any, companies in Omaha can claim.

But the type of video this drone captures is not the only benefit gained by adding to our fleet. This system also allows for camera adjustments while the drone is flying. Rather than having to bring it down, take off the camera, then adjust the settings, we have the ability to adjust everything from brightness to video capture type, all while the drone is still airborne.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Still photography” icon=”caret”]

Before we added to our fleet, our ability to capture aerial pictures was limited to pulling a frame from the video that our video camera shot. Now, however, we have the ability to take individual pictures right from our controllers. All it takes is to send the drone up in the air, point the camera, and take a photo.

And like the video camera, we have the ability to adjust many different camera settings while the unit is in the air. Want to take a a picture in multiple resolutions? Not a problem, we can do it all without having to bring the unit down.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Advanced features” icon=”caret”]

Adding this drone to our fleet also unlocks advanced aerial video features that were previously out of reach. These include GPS-mapped routes, multiple camera-tracking modes, automatic take-offs and landings, 360 degree camera rotation, and much more. While our clients may not see these features directly, access to them will undoubtedly put your video projects on an entirely different level than if you were to use the other guys.


As you can see, the purchase of our new drone expands our capabilities and adds loads of features that were previously unavailable to us.

Technical Details

Clocking in at 8 pounds and sitting at a whopping 1.5 feet wide, this drone is much larger than our first. This rig can be controlled by 2 operators; one controls the drone and the other controls the camera. The new unit has a flight time of 22 minutes, and links to GPS so you can be sure that the shots are stable, even in the most testing conditions.

The camera itself shoots 4k video through a micro 4:3 lens, and is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. Need a still photo? Not a problem with the 16MP camera! Not only can the unit take beautiful video, but it also downlinks it to our screens in full live, wirelss 720p HD streaming to our iPads where we can control the camera settings without even having to bring the unit down.

zenmuse x5 camera ad featured on Omaha aerial video production company Sonburst Communication page

What’s next?

Whether you are looking to shoot some basic flyovers, or produce a full-blown aerial reel, Sonburst Communication has the right tools to handle the project. We hope that by expanding out aerial services, we can unlock many more possibilities in the market, and partner with even more companies for future video projects. Have a project in mind? Give us a call at (402) 333-7620 or shoot us your idea through our contact form.