Corporate Event Themes

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Corporate Event Themes

Corporate events are often perceived as long days filled with boring activities, never-ending presentations and speeches. Since these gatherings have a bad reputation for being boring, most people are not very excited when they have to attend them. Yet, your next company event does not have to be a bothersome experience.

Planning a themed event can be a great way to spice up a bland company gathering. Once you decide to organize a themed party, employees will get something to look forward to. Spicing up the corporate event will keep attendees focused and ensure that everyone is happy at the end of the day. This way you can also find out more about your employees and get them to know each other more personally.

It is critical to choose right theme because it have to reinforce the key messages of the event and help you to achieve the perfect atmosphere. This way your guests will relax, interact with each other and enjoy the event. The theme will also be a guiding light when you need to decide about venues, menu selections, music, entertainment, messaging etc.

Here are some benefits of implementing a corporate event theme:

  1. People will enjoy variety

Instead of uninspiring receptions and bland presentations, guests will enjoy the event more if you put an effort in creating a social event with an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere. Don’t make the event all about speeches and presentations. Allow your guests to have some fun.

  1. Guests will be motivated

Event themes motivate the attendees and bring energy and fun into a serious corporate event.  The message your company want to announce will be delivered more memorably using event themes instead of plain presentations to the masses.

  1. Attendees will be more engaged

If you choose fun themes like musical or sporting events, all guests might be included.  Getting people to participate in simple activities based on event themes brings a new dimension to the event.

  1. Guests will enjoy live entertainment

Live entertainment is a good idea even if you don’t have a theme. Live entertainment may include high-energy band or performance artists that will give something for your guests to look forward to. This entertainment will allow your guests to walk away with a memorable impression of the event.

  1. Fun activities will make it better

Some optional activities intended for your guests will be the real deal. You can decide to organize a game show, crafting competition or anything else you can come up with. Make sure to give a prize to the winner.

Some interesting theme ideas:

Circus or Exhibition

A circus or an exhibition is something that will leave all your guests breathless. The best thing is that you can finish it all with only one or two acrobats and proper decorations. It’s possible to set everything up using real circus tents.


This kinds of event them is always a hit. This theme is about focusing on the details such as casino welcome signs, costumed servers, LED lights and, if possible, showgirls for the Vegas mood. There should also be some card dealing tables and slot machines. This theme demands thoughtful planning, depending on how formal the event is.

Arabian Nights

With this theme you have to take care about the proper venue and food. Decoration may include sofas, cushions, low tables, a ceiling looking like Bedouin tent etc. To complete the atmosphere, add some lanterns! The theme may be completed by serving Mediterranean food.

As we outlined, it’s not necessary to theme a corporate event, but can breathe a whole new life into the event that you never thought possible. A theme will leave attendees with a long-lasting, memorable impression that they are sure to never forget.

Need more corporate event theme ideas? Check out our event portfolio to see some of the themes we have used in previous events!