Bullet Time GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3 for Bullet Time GoPro Hero 3 post

Bullet Time GoPro Hero 3

When we get slow at the office and don’t have much to do, we get bored.  When we get bored, we research things.  And when we research things, we want to try things that we haven’t before.  The most recent thing that we tested out was the “bullet time” effect with a GoPro Hero 3 from the Matrix.  After reading a  blog post about the matter, the wheels got turning and we dove headfirst into the project.

We wanted to create a bullet time effect, but didn’t have dozens of cameras laying around.  So went to Lowes and purchased a ceiling fan, some hardware, wood, and got to work.  We rigged the fan up to some lighting trusses we had, and then hung the GoPro from the fan attached to a long stick on a hinge.  We chose the GoPro Hero 3 because those things are insanely durable, and also have the capability of shooting up to 240 fps.

Our bullet time GoPro rig:


The wiring was actually not too bad.  We ran an extension cord from the wall to a dimmer switch, and then from the dimmer to the fan.  The wiring was really simple (ground to ground, positive to positive, and neutral to neutral.


The fan we used only costs about $30 new.  It was just a basic fan, but definitely sufficed for what we were using it for.


We used a GoPro Hero 3 for its slow motion capabilities.  See the video to see what I mean.